Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best Last Minute Prep Tip for that "Big" Meeting (or Anything Really)

Times are stressful. People are still losing jobs, and even for those employed, few have a sense of stability and joy in their workplace. Most people I speak with are doing even more - cramming something into every last second of the day to make sure they're doing everything as best they can. Does that work though? Is there another - maybe even a better - way?

What can you really do to be the best and happiest at work, and in life for that matter?...

Here's one simple idea: Go for a walk. Every day. Go for a walk - just 10 minutes without a destination will make a huge difference. People sometimes say it's to "clear your head." A walk just to walk can do so much more.

Giving yourself permission to spend 10 minutes "just walking" tricks your mind in wonderful ways. If you focus on your body - how you move through space, allowing yourself the time for this "luxury," your mind will believe you have all the time in the world. It will shift your subconscious mindset to one of abundance, a powerful place to be.

By taking the time for a walk instead of preparing up until you race in the door for your next big presentation - or picking up your kids from school - you're telling yourself that you know you're ready. You're being confident and believing in yourself by taking the walk, and your presentation (or time with your kids) will benefit.

Whether you're working or looking for a job, before that next big meeting, take 10-20 minutes to walk - without purpose or destination. Certainly prepare before hand, and then make sure your body and mind know you're prepared by allowing yourself the brief time out.

Sometimes it's the simple things that can make the biggest difference. Enjoy your stroll!

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