Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Make the Most of Job Postings

In today's tough job market, there are still lots of open positions. That said, as we all know, there are a lot of people looking for jobs too. Submitting online applications is not enough. Even if you're the "perfect" candidate, you're likely to be overlooked. Why? There are people marketing themselves better than you are.

If you are responding to postings, apply for the positions however requested in those postings. Don't stop there though - reach out to your network (alumni groups, neighbors, community organizations) to connect with people at the companies - Use LinkedIn and your alumni directories (undergrad, graduate, high school - any you can access) to identify people to speak with. Let them know that you're applying for position xyz and ask them for a few minutes to hear their perspective and experience at the company. Remember - you are making an impression too! It's never "just informational". Be clear what you have to offer, and when appropriate, ask to speak with someone in the hiring department to learn more.

Keep building relationships and speaking with colleagues demonstrating what you have to offer - the more you show (and the less you tell), the better!

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