Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why some people get all the breaks...

Do know people who find a job within weeks (or days!) every time they start looking?  Those people who seem to jump easily from one position to the next, regardless of the current job market or what field they're in?  You know some.  We all do.  What makes those people so different?  So "lucky?"

One simple answer:  they manage their careers all the time, whether or not they realize it.  

Their "luck" is no accident.  They build relationships all the time, focusing on them more when they "don't need them" than when they do.  Who can you contribute to today?  Start with one act each day and pretty soon you'll be one of "those people" too.

Simple ideas to get started:
  • Read your favorite newspaper and forward at least one article each day to someone it reminds you of
  • Recommend someone on LinkedIn
  • Call a colleague you haven't spoken to in awhile - just to check in and say hello
  • Ask the person "down the hall" at work (or home) to go to coffee or lunch and ask about what s/he does
  • Refer experts - respond to people asking for any kind of referral, personal or business (even if it's to acknowledge you don't have anyone to recommend this time)